Furnace Street Distillery

fine distillers of repute

Old Fashioned cocktail in etched glass at Furnace Street Distillery
Furnace Street Distillery

fine distillers of repute

About Us

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Furnace Street Distillery was founded in Elberta, Michigan by three lifelong friends with a shared passion for high-quality craft spirits. The Elberta-Frankfort region is close to our hearts. We grew up here and we’ve returned with a desire to support this community fueled by our ambition to create a special place where every visitor feels like a local and locals feel at home.
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Enjoy views of Betsie Bay and the town of Frankfort while sipping craft cocktails from our porch in the hamlet of Elberta, Michigan.

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As a small-batch distillery we are focused on innovation and delivering the finest spirits we can craft.

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Craft Cocktails at Home

Follow us for recipes to elevate your craft cocktail experience at home. Simple and delicious.

Furnace Street Distillery

elberta, u.s.a.

our passion

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Northern Michigan, Furnace Street Distillery is a haven for craft spirits enthusiasts. Our passion lies in crafting small-batch spirits that embody the essence of our region, utilizing the finest sourced ingredients and the crystal-clear glacial waters that define our surroundings.

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Furnace Street Distillery sits on a hill overlooking Betsie Bay and Waterfront Park. A prime location for taking in a view of the water, we have the best porch on the block! We source our ingredients from local producers and farmers for our full range of distilled spirits. We believe high quality doesn’t mean high price and we pride ourselves on crafting top-notch spirits at a great value.

Our Spirits

Carla's Spirits

Feel the heat


Sip and savor


Pure and clean

A Prostitute Named Carla

original cocktail

Premium Gin

Botanicals at their best


Bourbon and Rye

Agave Old Fashioned

Change is good


Distilled spirits


Clean and light bodied

Resting Beach Face

Summer in a glass


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